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Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping | Promo Code: Take20
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping | Promo Code: Take20

Moroccan Poufs & Ottomans



Shop Moroccan Poufs online and get up to 10% off and free shippingMarrakech Shop Design’s Moroccan Poufs and Ottomans are exclusive-made versatile furniture that helps to bring elegance to your space. This highly-desired furniture is mainly used as an extra spot and side table. And also, you can place it anywhere as it needs no space and useful to perform a wide variety of functions. This well-crafted piece will also glorify your space, whether you’ve ideas to put it in your workplace, nursery, playroom, power rooms, seating around coffee tables, or a side table or restrooms. 


Our Moroccan Poufs are innovative items made with sustainable materials, which come in various style and color options to suit multiple set-ups and home décor. This handmade furniture isn’t only strong and affordable to purchase online, and also it will maintain its shape with minimum maintenance of users. 


Some common versatile poufs available at our shop are Unstuffed Moroccan Ottoman Pouf – Beige/ Dark Brown/ Blue/ Light Brown, Unstuffed Rectangular PoufsUnstuffed Moroccan Ottoman Pouf – Black/ Red/ Orange, Unstuffed Moroccan Ottoman Pouf With Faux Leather Silver/ Gold, Black & White, Unstuffed Moroccan Ottoman PoufAll Black & White & many more. 


At Marrakech Shop Design, we are committed to offering genuine, natural-made and premium quality products to all our clients at industry-standard rates. Our handmade products are customizable and inspired by the local traditions of Morocco. From Moroccan Poufs to Straw Beach Bags and Moroccan blankets, our wide variety of products is created by local artisans using sustainable materials. 

Are you interested in customizing straw clutches or unstuffed ottoman poufs according to your innovative ideas? Visit today to know more about our online ordering procedures and charges!